Attorney and Author of the Lacey Benedict Novels

The Lacey Benedict Novels

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Meet Lacey Benedict

She’s been called a ‘justice warrior’ (a phrase she’s not too comfortable with) and is ready to take on the most corrupt and powerful, even when it hurts.

Dallas, Texas as Setting

High-rises and rodeos, historic mansions and modern-industrial facades, elegant haute cuisine and BBQ, socialites and cowboys… Dallas has a complex and constantly-shifting identity, but it’s where Lacey calls home.

Characters to Love

Hattie and Sallie Shelton, the best landladies on the block…Esther, the barista who decides if your signs are favorable for cinnamon twists today…the sexy Rob Gerard, who can’t quite decide how he feels about Lacey Benedict…

About the Author

Elizabeth has long been a reader of all types of fiction, and has struggled with the ‘genre’ categories publishers place on authors. People don’t live their lives stuck in genres; why should protagonists?

Let’s be honest: today you may be living in a comedy, but tomorrow, romance could fall on you like a ton of bricks. That’s life.

Lacey Benedict’s life is like that. Today, you’re asked to solve a mystery; tomorrow, a judge hands you a tragedy in court. Next week, you could be the heroine in a budding romance. One thing is certain: it’s never boring.